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Aesthetic Case #1

Aesthetic case 1 (crooked, crowded teeth) - before
Aesthetic case 1 (crooked, crowded teeth) - after

Crooked, crowded teeth tend to wear unevenly. For this patient, the crowding was resolved with orthodontics. The stained old restorations on her front teeth and the worn areas were restored using new bonded composites for a beautiful result.

Aesthetic Case #2

aesthetic case 2 (wear and erosion) - before
aesthetic case 2 (wear and erosion) - after

Severe wear and erosion, often caused by aggressive brushing and acids in the mouth, usually involves extensive restoration of most or all teeth–in this case, with porcelain crowns.

Aesthetic Case #3

aesthetic case 3 (heavy staining) - before
aesthetic case 3 (heavy staining) - after

Heavy staining of an old veneer and the dark rim of an old porcelain/metal crown can be improved with a new porcelain veneer and a new all-porcelain crown.

Aesthetic Case #4

aesthetic case 4 (porcelain/metal crown replacement) - before
aesthetic case 4 (porcelain/metal crown replacement) - after

This patient had a porcelain/metal crown on her front tooth that was too long and the wrong color, and a stained old filling on the tooth next to it. The crown was replaced with a new all-porcelain crown, and the filling was redone to bring harmony to her smile.

Aesthetic Case #5

aesthetic case 5 (upper teeth) - before
aesthetic case 5 (upper teeth) - after

After many years of wear, chipping, and staining, this patient was ready for a new smile! Since the lower teeth did not show when smiling, we focused only on the upper teeth, which were restored with all-porcelain crowns from canine to canine.

Aesthetic Case #6

aesthetic case 6 (old veneers) - before
aesthetic case 6 (old veneers) - after

This patient’s old veneers had become darkly stained and worn down around the edges. New veneers brightened up her smile and gave her teeth a more even appearance.

Aesthetic Case #7

chipped tooth - before
chipped tooth - after

A front tooth, chipped at the playground, was carefully repaired with composite and shaped to match the neighboring tooth.

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‘‘Super thorough exam and cleaning. The hygienist and doctor were both extremely good at communicating their subject effectively and with good humor. Highly recommended!’’

- Alex T.

‘‘Dr. Watson and his entire team are the best you can get in dental care bar none. Not only do they treat you with respect and skill, but they also have fun doing it and you even enjoy coming to the dentist. I have been seeing him for my teeth since they were on Hawthorne - over 15 years I think! I highly, highly recommend this fun group.’’

- Abigail S.

‘‘This place feels like I’m connected to family, I trust them, they give me advice and make sure that my dental health improves at every visit.’’

- Angel N.

‘‘I have been going to Dr. Watson’s office for over a decade, and I cannot imagine going to another office for dental care in Portland. I seriously will not allow another dentist to work on my teeth. Dr. Watson and his staff are always kind and attentive, professional, and very skilled. They have the highest expectations I’ve ever experienced for patient care and quality work.’’

- Zada S.

‘‘Keith is the best. I always feel like I’m in trusted hands and will get the best care. He’s passionate about his craft and is an expert at what he does.’’

- Joel S.

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